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Green & White

Listed on under "PSU Facts."

The color selection seems to have evolved by tradition. 

According to Norton Bagley in his book, One Hundred Years of Service,

"Physical education played a prominent role in the college under the direction of Miss Beatrice Hodgdon (for whom Hodgdon Hall is named) for women and Mr. Robert L. Stevenson for men.  Mention has been made of the firest male varsity basketball team in 1934; the first picture of a girls' varsity basketball team is in the catalog for 1923.  Field hockey was a prominent sport for women.  Tennis coursts were early provided adjoining Russell House and Rounds Hall.  Winter saw an ice courst for skating, snowshoeing, skiing, and, of course, bowling and pool.

"One of the sights of the campus was the gym costume of the women of the time.  Green  Blouses and green Bloomers with long black stockings were the established garb.  A far cry from the gym suits of today."  (1941, p. 89.)