Answered By: Christin Wixson
Last Updated: Nov 12, 2014     Views: 13

I was able to find articles about outdoor education in the ERIC database using the search below.  (You can get to this database by going to the library main page, clicking on Databases, and selecting ERIC from the list.)
Notice that I limited my search to peer-reviewed articles; often the kind of research projects that involve testing variables are published in peer-reviewed journals.
Inline image 2
Keep in mind that not everything that is peer reviewed is a study involving an independent variable.  For example a case study would not be an example the kind of research you are looking for.  
I don't want to defeat the purpose of your assignment by choosing an article for you, but I will tell you to be on the look out for articles that describe one group being treated differently than another group.  And I will reassure you that the search above does have some studies with independent variables.